Turned in a Piece for the Art Magazine

I had managed to finish the butterfly raptor and was able to give it to my art teacher. He said he would make sure it got to the teacher in charge of the magazine. At least I’ll have a piece make it into something whether people care to acknowledge it or not!

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Forgetting About a School Art Magazine!

I can’t believe I forgot about a school art magazine where students in the same high school as me can submit art to be showcased in it! I thought it was next week but the dead line is tomorrow! I don’t know if I’ll be able to take part in this event because of my stupid forgetfulness.

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Sorry for being so inactive…

I just can’t think of anything to post anymore. I feel like if I do end up posting stuff again, it’ll be too repetitive. On top of that, I had a short period where my laptop’s keyboard just acted dead and the second key board worked just fun, until recently. Now it likes to spam X and 2.

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Thoughts on Selling Doodles & Laptop Keyboard Malfunctions

Since my laptop has been having issues with the keyboard for the passed two days, I’ve been considering selling some doodles to people. I don’t know what exactly that it is that I’ll be drawing or if people will like it or even how I’m going to transfer money and product…

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Finally More Updates on Dinosaur Simulator ( & my art )

I’ve been mostly playing this game in my spare time when I’m not worrying about what I should be doing as a senior in high school and the artist for my school newspaper, which I haven’t gotten many requests for. ;-;

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