Unsure Of Blog Layout (& A Story)

I’m so sorry for people who actually read my blog and had gotten used to one layout only to come back to an entirely new layout. I’m just so unsure on what I want my blog to actually look like and it doesn’t help how I haven’t gotten any updated art and images for anything. Just please forgive me as I figure out what I want to do with my blog. I might change the blog back to the way it had originally been but I’m not sure on anything.

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Taking the First Steps to Revamping

I took the first steps today by changing my blog’s layout/ theme which was really hard to do because I didn’t exactly know what I wanted. The button theme was probably my most favorite because I prefered how it looked so much. I don’t know how long updating art like the background and logo will take since I don’t know exactly what I want for those either. Hopefully I’ll come up with something that not only I like, but looks nice to those who even bother reading my blog.

Just putting this short post out there for those wondering about the layout change.

Blog Revamps for 2017?

I feel like I should really put in some effort with my blog. One tiny step would be to revamp all of the art work, or whatever you consider it, and just give it a new look. Some pages might get revamped and cleaned up as well, but I don’t think they can get any more clean without looking like they’re missing anything.

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Personal Maintenance

For anyone who actually does go to this blog more than a couple times may have noticed that I had changed the pages. I am trying to clean up the pages I had because of how messy and long and boring they were.

I don’t know when I should expect to be finished, since I can become distracted very easily. I’m just hoping to finish it up soon and hope that it looks more pleasant and is more organized without lengthy paragraphs.

Revamping Pages Progress 3/7

  • The “about me” page has been revamped.
    • Pictures were added to make the page more appealing to look at.
  • MMD Credits page has been revamped.
    • Again, more pictures were added to make the page more appealing.

Still have like 4 pages to go, whew! Let’s hope I don’t run out of ideas for poses to do with the model. c:

And no, I didn’t just flip a picture for the two banners that say “about this page” on them.

I lied, but I didn’t want to use the same picture twice and waste another pose on it.

Revamping Pages

  • Played games page has been revamped to not look like nothing but a giant text wall.
    • Expect more pages to be edited and revamped.

I’ve decided to start adding more pictures to my pages to make them more appealing to the eye, instead of them being mostly or nothing but text. I might end up shortening or deleting parts to pages to make them shorter, so this is going to be so much fun.

And I only have like on page done.