ROBLOX: Dinosaur Simulator, Issues with “Friends” Begging

Okay, so many people have come to me on a dinosaur simulator server thinking I’ll do whatever they ask because of they’re on my friend’s list and all that, but because of a stupid reason. They lost their rare dinosaur to a scammer, not my fault, and they want me toΒ replace it for them.Β Without giving me anything in exchange.

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When People Give You Away on a Game

I’m currently trying to farm the in game currency in a ROBLOX game called Dinosaur Simulator and to do that you have to survive as a dinosaur and actually play and someone decided to announce to the server what I was playing as. c:

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Unsure Of Blog Layout (& A Story)

I’m so sorry for people who actually read my blog and had gotten used to one layout only to come back to an entirely new layout. I’m just so unsure on what I want my blog to actually look like and it doesn’t help how I haven’t gotten any updated art and images for anything. Just please forgive me as I figure out what I want to do with my blog. I might change the blog back to the way it had originally been but I’m not sure on anything.

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Dinosaur Simulator Black Friday Sale Thoughts

So the “limiteds” for the majority have just gone on sale approximately 2 hours ago. Everyone has been saving up DNA for this event ever since they learned about dinosaurs like Indominus Rex, which had been renamed “Albino Terror” were going on sale publicly for only a few hours. There’s something different though about this year’s Black Friday Sale in Dinosaur simulator.

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Finally More Updates on Dinosaur Simulator ( & my art )

I’ve been mostly playing this game in my spare time when I’m not worrying about what I should be doing as a senior in high school and the artist for my school newspaper, which I haven’t gotten many requests for. ;-;

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