Waves of Rose ( Elsword )

So many posts about Elsword, sometimes I wonder if they’re too repetitive but it doesn’t really matter much. Barely anyone comes onto this and actually reads the posts and the content on it and not only that, I did say this would be a personal blog and all so yeah. It’s sort of build like an online, public journal full of rants on games and whatever else I feel like posting about.

Onto the actual topic; the introduction of the character “Rose” on the Solace server, also known as NA the saltiest ( or one of the saltiest ) Elsword servers around.

I’ll tell you this, I haven’t played Elsword for over a year so most things I have experienced were the view points of a complete newb ( lol not noob ) and everything was just weird. However, Rose being the first character for me to ever actually experience the release of, I have to say it’s pretty strange. All you’ll see for the next three days are people trying to level up their Rose characters.

I could’ve experienced like two other character releases, the release of Add and then Luciel, but I hadn’t made an account. Only saw the ads for Elsword featuring them, which they’re doing right now for Rose.

As for Rose’s actual play style, it’s strange. She’s the first character on Elsword, at least as a base, to be able to switch between 5 base attacks. Her different weapons/base attacks include kicking ( much like Rena in my opinion, ) hand canons, revolvers, auto-guns, and muskets. Playing as a base Rose as far as I know, all 5 of these attack options are available. I’m not so sure on when you class change if they’ll be available though. I’m not going to look at Korean players since they may alter some things for the NA server and I want to personally be able to write about it. >->

I don’t really know if Rose is worth getting though. Her being able to switch between guns as a base makes her skills almost worthless. You’ll most likely have the enemies killed before ever using a skill unless you’re seriously that weak. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use her skills if you play as her though. 😛

Basing off of people’s comments in the megaphones, she’s really annoying to fight in PvP right now. Not sure why, but I bet it has something to do with the guns.

One more thing has also changed about the Solace server. You can now have above 10 characters. Not sure how many exactly you can make right now, but I would guess that you can now make around 11 characters, one for each since there are 11 characters to choose from.

Sorry about this post being lengthy, repetitive, off topic, and whatever else you can think of. ;-;


Too Many Events on Elsword…

Right now there has been a huge chain of special events on Elsword. So many, I can’t even name or count all of them and they’ve all happened so recently so quickly. Right now, there’s still special events going on where you can earn the so desired b slot skill change medal. An item that you would normally have to pay around 10 USD for in the Solace server, which for an in-game item is pretty expensive. Especially when all it does is let you use all 8 of you skill slots.

Most people would normally just save up ED the free, in game currency that you can earn by spamming the crap out of dungeons while having a pet with a fetch aura active. The fetch aura is also an item mall item that you have to pay real cash for and again, most people just save up ED to get it. Saving up ED without a pet to grab the money can be hard and time consuming. I’ve been stuck with selling items to other players because I don’t have a permanent pet with a permanent fetch aura active so getting a B slot has been discouraging.

Ever since my sister told me that this new event gives players the chance to not only get a desired B slot, but also costume pieces, I’ve wanted to play Elsword. There’s only one problem. I have 8 characters and have to play as all 8 of them for hours for all of them to get the benefits. This would leave to to pick only one, two or three characters to actually work on. My Add still has his revamp cube from the previous event too. Like… why…?

Are all of these events really necessary? Like sure, it’s free stuff and free stuff on Elsword is pretty hard to come by but… it’s just all in a short amount of time. Elsword is just one of those games where you either play it constantly or you’re like me and my sister, you “binge” play on it for like a month, stop playing for a couple months, then repeat. KoG or whoever is in charge of the events is really event happy… >_>

I don’t expect to get much from these events either, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll just play whenever I feel like it, KoG can’t control my play time with it’s hoard of events, which is one of the main reasons why they do all of these events.

Gaming; Elsword PvP Season 4 ( Nerfquake of 2016 )

I think it was about a week or maybe even a couple of days ago since Elsword decided to make it a new season in PvP. I don’t like to do PvP much, but from what I’ve seen and have little experience in, you can earn a grade or rank for how “well” you do in PvP. My first ever PvP rank had somehow been a B rank on my main ( or my Dreadlord ) which honestly surprised me.

I don’t have the rank anymore. You want to know why? c:

I had gotten the rank before PvP season 3, therefore it’s gone due to them resetting the PvP ranks on the whole server.

Since it’s season 4, people with all of those SSS ranks and even those stars ranks which are some of the highest PvP ranks you can get have all lost their ranks, they’re now flooding the arena. I’m what I guess you would call a timid PvP player since I am just terrified of the idea of hitting an actual person ( even though some people I would like to beat the crap out of ) because I fear that their going to through their nasty 300 year old salt in my eyes. Since all of these people who have skill and those who just spam, I have no idea how people get to such high ranks sometimes, there’s complaints in the megaphones or what would be considered a sort of global chat for the whole server.

NA Elsword is pretty infamous I guess for the salt the players who do a lot of PvP do. I’m not sure if this is what the server is known for, but you could find many videos of people basically recording the salt.

Opinions on the Great Nerfquake of 2016

Along with the new PvP season, a lot of people seem to be complaining about how some classes on characters have been nerfed (for those not familiar with the term, it means weaken. ) I could make a little thing on this and make it more accurately if I had all 29 classes on each character, but I wouldn’t want to make that many characters just to see what I think of the new “revamps.” I’ll just say those ones I’ve heard have gotten trashy and those characters of mine that are actual trash to me. c:

I didn’t really notice anything different with my Dreadlord. At first I thought it had gotten weaker in the physical damage area, but I think it was only because of event buffs. Also, I don’t think any of the Luciel classes actually got anything significantly different from before the revamping event…

For my Lunatic Psyker, I didn’t really notice anything either. As for all Add classes, I don’t think any of them were actually nerfed or anything. :\

The Battle Seraph I thought would be so good is still horrible to me ( I can’t control Eve’s floating ) and I’ve also heard that it was one of the classes that took a good beating in the revamp event. Either way, it’s still one of the hardest to use classes.

Asura, no difference in my opinion. Don’t know about the other Ara classes either.

I don’t know what to really say about my Tactical Trooper. I had only made it recently so I couldn’t give any opinion on any of the Chungs.

Aisha is just no. I didn’t like playing as her, much like my Eve. I don’t know why I don’t like her but all I’ve seen is that some people have complained about some of her classes becoming trash again. I think it has to do with her doing less damage? I’m not sure.

I can’t say anything on Rena and Raven, since I don’t have one of them at all. I also haven’t seen a whole lot of them either so you know.

Little Conclusion

I think that’s it for my little opinions on the classes I have and what I’ve seen from other people, along with a little of other’s opinions. I honestly think that it depends on the person for a character and a specific class to “be good.” Just pick the character and the class that you think you will enjoy if you’re thinking about playing Elsword.

Gaming; Elsword Wth moments

This is supposed to be a fun post compared to the other recent ones. At least some of them are supposed to be fun. I figured that since Elsword has been my main focus on gaming lately, I’ll just list some moments where I was honestly wondering what had happened.

Random IP block message:

I had been logging into Elsword one day using the Aeria Games hosting program. It was the program I had been using ever since I started playing Grand Fatasia and I had found out that Elsword was being hosted on it for certain countries. I live in the US ( America ) so there was no problem with me using AG to get into Elsword. A few days ago, when logging in like normal ( do you think I would really give away my login info? ) I had gotten a message saying something like this; “Sorry, your IP is blocked from playing Elsword on Aeria Games.” It’s weird because I’ve been using AG this whole time to play the game and had never gotten that popup…

Reshyreum Login, not so Reshyreum Characters…

I think Elsword is known for it’s login glitches, but you do not know how scary it is for a gamer to log into a game like they normally do only to find that they’re staring t someone else’s characters. Really, if you don’t become shocked to see someone else’s characters staring at your soul, you’re probably going to take advantage of the glitch and steal everything you possibly can or you really don’t care. When it’s the first time to happen to you though, it’s really weird…

No response from the server;

Okay, wth for real? You let me log in, yet your server isn’t even up? Gosh Elsword, could you be even more weird…? That sound it makes to let you know the server didn’t respond is just creepy with the black background.

To be honest, the black screen was by far the scariest and now the funniest in my opinion. Welp, glitches are the best part of Elsword, right? >.>

Gaming; Elsword Revamps ( PvP & PvE )

I’ve mentioned in another blog post that Elsword was going through events that would give players the opportunity to get some rare items for free. I’ve also mentioned that along with these events, the game is changing itself with new character revamps and possibly new character skills. The layout of the skill tree is also different from the last time I played, which was before all of these changes.

Among the many changes that Elsword is going through right now, I have to say that there’s something that’s made me a little frustrated.

What’s making me frustrated is that they are doing their [ or KoG? ] act of making characters more “balanced” in PvP and PvE. Some characters in my opinion didn’t even need to be balanced. They were already okay from the start of when I came back into Elsword, but of course I don’t know what it’s like in the arena since I try to avoid PvP. NA servers seem to have developed a reputation for the amount of “salt” PvP players give to each other. People with actual skill in a certain character may be reported by salt players just because they were developing a character pretty well with items, skills, things of that sort. It wouldn’t surprise me as to why people don’t like to really show their skills to salt players in the NA servers.

For the fact that they are “balancing” characters, I’ve felt this so called balancing in dungeons that I had been doing for a week now. I’ll tell you that the changes I felt when playing as my now level 69 Dreadlord that these changes didn’t seem to do good for me. I’ve noticed that my HP would be lower than when I played these same dungeons that I had been playing only two days ago seemed to have become harder. I don’t know if I’ve only lost HP because the Dreadlord class is a very physical class or because I was careless, so I won’t mention this anymore since this was PvE.

As for PvP, well I don’t want to even try it. They may be giving rewards to players who try PvP right now but that’s not enough motivation to receive loads of salt if I were to beat people in Arena matches. I’ll leave the PvP testing to those who actually can stand the salt and enjoy fighting the PvP players.

As for the whole reason behind the “balancing” of characters, I feel like KoG or whoever is in charge of the servers had received so many complaints from people who just want excuses as to why they kept losing, therefore they decided to nerf classes like Add’s Mastermind and Lu/Ciel’s Royal Guard/Noblesse.

Eh, I’ll survive this “nerfquake” as people like to call these…

Gaming; Scheduled Fight ( Zeky Vs. Yukito) on Elsword PvP

Yukitoreum is scheduled to do a PvP match with my sister Zeky! I wonder if he’ll even show up to the fight!

Most of the time, Yuki likes to say things like, “I’m going to fight you,” or “I’m going to go fight [insert name]” but never actually goes to the fight. Now, he’s told Zeky that he will fight her Lu/Ciel this weekend.

The designated day was supposed to be today, but me and her had to go a celebrate a family member’s birthday. Despite that, she never actually got around to warning Yukito. The real question that will determine if this challenge will really happen is as simple as this. “Did Yukitoreum actually ‘forget’ he was supposed to get on Elsword and fight someone today?”

Probably not. He’ll make up some excuse when confronted.

If he does actually “remember” and is still willing to do the PvP match, we’re expecting the challenge to be held in a private sparring room. It will happen either really late tonight, really early tomorrow or tomorrow night.

I won’t expect Yukitoreum to actually come to the sparring room even if he remembers and if he was given the information to join the private sparring room. He always makes up a lame excuse to not PvP someone, especially in Elsword. If he does end up doing the challenge tomorrow or whenever, I will be sure to post the end results in a newer post. If I don’t post about it, he most likely didn’t show up to the fight.

I hope he actually shows up to the sparring room unlike the last couple of times he’s done something like this!


Small blog updates;

I have been fixing up the pictures that were headers for sections on my blog so that you could actually be able to see their content more easily. If you notice differences and are wondering about them, look for the “New Look!” blog post that was published a couple of days ago.