Finally a Leader/Admin on Dinosaur Planet

It’s been a while since I’ve written any blog posts, but I’ve got something that I’ve needed to write about for a couple of weeks. I finally was promoted to a leader role in one of my favorite aminos, Dinosaur Planet!

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No Debug Menu in The Isle

This feature was finally removed and makes the game one step closer to being complete and an actual game, but with every update, people find something to complain about. When I started skimming the patch notes of the most recent update, I was looking for anything new, other than the removed debug menu. It was all I saw people complaining about and then in game after the update, all people did was bitch about the removed “feature.”

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When Teachers/School Discourage You

I hadn’t had this happen to me until only after I started going into my high school and decided to try out some advanced English classes because one of my previous middle school teachers suggested I try it out. Over the passed 3 years, it’s 3 years of high school technically because my school district decided it’d be smart to have Freshmen in this sort of void where they’re not considered middle school nor high school, I’ve felt like I’ve been discouraged to even both writing.

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Spring Break: Addicted to Pokemon Duel & Some Current Anxieties

Finally, I get to sleep in and do mostly nothing for two whole weeks because it’s finally spring break! And with that, I can finally spend hours or whatever time I want playing this game I just got into called Pokemon Duel! But I’m becoming a little worried about something…

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Forgetting About a School Art Magazine!

I can’t believe I forgot about a school art magazine where students in the same high school as me can submit art to be showcased in it! I thought it was next week but the dead line is tomorrow! I don’t know if I’ll be able to take part in this event because of my stupid forgetfulness.

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Let’s Help a Friend’s Dream Come True!

This post is somewhat personal and involves a good friend of mine. She’s helped me along the rough road of high school, or at least most of the way to graduating, and she’s a good person. She’s just recently started a GoFundMe to help her start a small art business so that she can fulfill her dream of being an independent artist.

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