MMD; Rigging, Texture Editing, Physics making…

Ugh, so frustrating! I wonder how some people even manage doing this stuff!?

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Blog Update; MMD post Cat.

  • MikuMikuDance blog post category has been added to the categories for more organization.

I figured I’d be posting about some MMD stuff and decided to just make it into a category.

What will most likely be included in this category will be original download links  to models, motion data, stage, accessories, etc. If a link I basically blog about doesn’t work, it’s not my fault, the original artist must have taken it down.

Time to re categorize some of my posts…

Fast Update; MMD Credits Page Created!

I actually put that page together pretty fast!

  • MMD Credits Page was recently added and published!

If you happen to see a model that I used and you happen to like it, or maybe you’ve spotted a model that for some reason was used wrong, you could go to this page to check it out! Also, you could check the people I’ve credited and tell me if I need to edit my crediting so that the information is correct. :3

♥ Quick edit; I forgot to mention where you can find the page. It’s under the “My Little           Creations” page. Or if you want to go there fast, click here!

MMD Intro

There’s nothing else I could think of to post about besides something about MMD, or MikuMikuDance for those who don’t know what it stands for. For those people who don’t know what MikuMikuDance is, it’s a free 3D program promoting Vocaloids.

Even though the program was originally made to help promote Vocaloid ( voice synthesizers ) many people have made other characters and objects for the program. If you want to read more about what I have to say about MMD,  Continue reading “MMD Intro”

Dino Sim & MMD

I’m getting back into using MMD. C:

It’s tricking when you’re trying to relearn everything you did a while ago, about a couple of years for me. Some people only take a break from MMD for a couple of months, but after I had to reset my PC because of virus, I had lost everything I saved and downloaded for MMD. That was about 100 motions, including the wav files and some pretty rare camera motions.

Because of this, I lost hope in using MMD ever again.

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