3 Month Old Desktop Acts like it’s 5 years Old

I recently got this new desktop right? Almost as soon as I got out of highschool as my graduation present, yet something isn’t right.

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No Debug Menu in The Isle

This feature was finally removed and makes the game one step closer to being complete and an actual game, but with every update, people find something to complain about. When I started skimming the patch notes of the most recent update, I was looking for anything new, other than the removed debug menu. It was all I saw people complaining about and then in game after the update, all people did was bitch about the removed “feature.”

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When Teachers/School Discourage You

I hadn’t had this happen to me until only after I started going into my high school and decided to try out some advanced English classes because one of my previous middle school teachers suggested I try it out. Over the passed 3 years, it’s 3 years of high school technically because my school district decided it’d be smart to have Freshmen in this sort of void where they’re not considered middle school nor high school, I’ve felt like I’ve been discouraged to even both writing.

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That One Hypocritical and Judgmental Parent

We’ve all felt like that one parent in our childhood(s) who’ve always had that smart comment on one of our interests because it’s very different from what they’re accustomed to and seem to always find something they could or can criticize about us. I’ve grown up with a father who seemed to find every way he could criticize my hobbies, my interests and sometimes even my own knowledge of something.

But what would I know, I’m just a girl who’s going to be a legal adult in about 2 months. I shouldn’t be talking because I’ve never been in the “real” world.

This post is a criticism on my dad and his parenting through my point of view, therefor it might be in the view of a biased teenage/young adult girl. You can take or leave the things I say.

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A Jumbled Mess

Okay, I’ve made two articles on Pokemon GO like a lot of other blogs and what not. Now I should probably talk about how I’m looking around for a tablet and stylus to start out with for my digital art, the comics I plan on making for my school, the characters and a bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with those things. I think this will end up being a jumbled mess, but writing like a journal is pretty much all I’m good at doing. xD

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When People Complain about how others play a Video Game

There’s always those people who will get on a game and will complain about  how human players do not act the way they should on a basic human vs. monster PvP game, hosted on a gaming website directed to players of the age 10-18. Yep, that’s what this post is about and what I think about these people.

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