Complaint/Rant; Let’s Learn how to Count!

About Kurai and the arguments I get into with him. Skip if not interested.

Topic of this rant; “When someone doesn’t know how to count the genders of characters to a game.”

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Skype Issues

I’m trying to remove this person from my Skype’s contacts, but it looks like they get some kind of notification that I’m trying to remove them. Of course, they won’t allow me to remove them from my contacts.

This is the same person that had threatened me for little reasons.

After he threatened me, I don’t want to even talk to him. He mostly has one sided conversations with me now anyway. He still talks to me even though I don’t even answer him and this has gone on for a week.

I want to remove him before I say something smart ass. Something along the lines of “Well, I don’t want to talk to you anymore because I wasn’t the dumb ass to threaten someone when the situation wasn’t that extreme. C:” If I can’t remove him from my Skype, I’m blocking him. I don’t want to hear anything he has to say because that’s all I’ve done when talking to him. He doesn’t like to listen to other people.

Here’s the order of how I handled him after the little “fight” where he threatened me.

  1. I stopped talking to him after apologizing, which now when I look on the apology was only said so he would shut up and not blow up like a two year old who didn’t get their way.
  2. After a week of thinking on the situation, rather obsessively because sadly that’s how I  act when something like this happens, I decided that once someone threatens me that badly, I shouldn’t even try to mend whatever bad happened. You don’t openly threaten someone who you consider as close as a sister because they accidentally hurt your precious feelings.
  3. I removed them from my contacts, or at least tried to remove them, and they acted very clingy. They brought up the idea that I was their “best friend” which to me is a giant lie.
  4. After a couple of hours I did the following;
    • Tried to remove him from my contacts again.
    • Hid his private conversation.
    • Blocked him.

Nothing is going to change my mind about this. If he really wants to keep talking to me, he better have a good explanation for why he threatened me. When I mean a good reason, it better be a good reason.

Here’s the reasons why I”m angry ( I swear I put this on an older blog post );

  • He threatened of course.
  • He gave me advice that I had already used my entire life, which was being careful with how you say things, yet he was the one who needed to listen to it.
  • He seems clingy now that I had read a huge chunk of the wall of china he could type after I tried to remove him the first time.
    • Not only that, he seemed like he was willing to be aggressive ( in word choice, which creates tone when typing ) to keep me as a contact.
  • Didn’t even ask me directly if I was okay after he had threatened and blew up on me.
  • Didn’t even bother to explain anything relevant to his temper tantrum.

And those are the main reasons. I could probably make one or two more, but they may be too similar to what’s already said.


The Zekyreum vs. Yukitoreum still has a chance of taking place today!

I hope he’ll actually show up to the sparring room in Elsword, unlike the last time he did something like this. Where he started the fight, made up an excuse to not continue, tried to “fix” his skill slots, and never even bothered to continue or retry the fight.

And this was kind of a two faced post. One minute angry, the next happy. Hoping the next posts will be about some type of gaming or art project. :\

Skype Battle Never End

This is one of the rants I like to write. If you don’t want to hear my griping, don’t continue reading this!

But if you love hearing about other people’s problems because you’re like that and you find it for whatever reason, entertaining, you can go ahead and read this. I warn you though, I might seem repetitive. :c

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