Dinosaur Simulator Adventures: I meet a karaoke pop star? :D

I was playing DS on good ol’ ROBLOX on a small server with only little me, when suddenly someone who has to sing everything they are listening to and feels like they’re a bada** comes onto the server. What did Resh encounter?

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Thoughts on Selling Doodles & Laptop Keyboard Malfunctions

Since my laptop has been having issues with the keyboard for the passed two days, I’ve been considering selling some doodles to people. I don’t know what exactly that it is that I’ll be drawing or if people will like it or even how I’m going to transfer money and product…

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Fall Break

Due to my high school following the year round schooling schedule, I have two weeks off right now. This means I can finally relax without having to worry about not becoming too much of a zombie in school!

While I’ve been doing that, I’ve officially made a deviant art account and a patreon to help me buy sketch books and other art supplies so I can keep drawing without worrying about running out of something.

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My Frustration & Three Pokemon Fusions

So far my school year is going down the drain. People in my position should be looking forward to the day they graduate and don’t have to go to high school. They could either go straight into the work force or go to college.

I’ve decided on nothing so far.

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