Friend’s Gary Stu Rant

These are just my opinions, I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or anything but I just have to rant.

And just going to put this here, I confronted my friend and basically unleashed hell because his OC is basically a tyrant to everyone else’s. With this OC, he’s made multiple people actually not want to role play much in his own community, which is mostly a RP/discussion group. He’s told me he would change said OC.

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Skyrim: Epic Battle NPC?

I had been playing Skyrim the other day like I usually do when I was bored, loaded into my save file on my main character (a female Khajiit if anyone was wondering) on a modded game. I had seen something amazing, an unbelievably epic NPC battle!

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Dinosaur Simulator Adventures: I meet a karaoke pop star? :D

I was playing DS on good ol’ ROBLOX on a small server with only little me, when suddenly someone who has to sing everything they are listening to and feels like they’re a bada** comes onto the server. What did Resh encounter?

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Thoughts on Selling Doodles & Laptop Keyboard Malfunctions

Since my laptop has been having issues with the keyboard for the passed two days, I’ve been considering selling some doodles to people. I don’t know what exactly that it is that I’ll be drawing or if people will like it or even how I’m going to transfer money and product…

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Fall Break

Due to my high school following the year round schooling schedule, I have two weeks off right now. This means I can finally relax without having to worry about not becoming too much of a zombie in school!

While I’ve been doing that, I’ve officially made a deviant art account and a patreon to help me buy sketch books and other art supplies so I can keep drawing without worrying about running out of something.

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