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About this page

This is where creators of certain content for a free to use 3D animation program by the name of MikuMikuDance. MMD for short, some content creators would like to have proper credit for the content they make, edit, collab, ETC. and this is the page to do so.



 Contact Forms/Emails Regarding MMD Crediting

If you happen to notice some content that wasn’t properly credited, please contact me using the contact form on the about me page containing the image with the content along with a link to the artist/owner’s official profile or distribution link of the content.

If you cannot fill out the contact me form, please email me at regarding the image with said content and a link to the official profile to the artist/owner or their official distribution of the content. Please title the email MMD CREDITING.

If these instructions are not clear enough, please reread them and figure it out yourself. These were pretty simple requests to follow.

Thank you for reading and understanding.


Credits List

I do not own any of these models.

Credits in Advance; TDA for the beautiful TDA series of vocaloids, Vocaloids are ©CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, INC, Agahat

Just so you know, I do not have any responsibility for models that cause damage. 
I am simply linking the models I used for credit so you can see the download 
page where I had gotten said model. Do not complain to me if they destroy 
anything of yours. If you're unsure of a download, DON'T DOWNLOAD IT! 

 Luka, Rin and Miku Hoodie models editor | | Original Download Page

TDA Append Download Collection

TDA AI Append ( seperate from the Append collection )

TDA Styled Miku Trio